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Rie Brosco

Professional Organizer / Owner

I am the founder of RieOrganize. One of the joys in my work is helping bereaved families sort through a lifetime of memories, finding long-forgotten treasures and cherished items and finding ways to honor the deceased one's memory by finding homes for those items where they will be used and cherished anew. I am an active member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) and Board Member at Large for the Greater Philadelphia Chapter (NAPO-GPC).

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Diane Weinberg

Business Manager / Professional Organizer

As the Business Manager for RieOrganize, I created and maintain our database, manage our financial records, and contribute to, edit, and publish our monthly e-newsletter. As an Assistant Organizer, my work has included everything from sorting through and categorizing a basement full of collected memories to packing boxes for delivery to charities and running errands for clients.


Office Non-Productivity Manager

My favorite activities are creating document chaos by walking or trying to sleep on the keyboard and and attending zoom meetings. I am responsible for making sure the others in the office take a break, walk around, hydrate and join me for naps.

National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals

Philadelphia Business Journal Award

Expertise Home Organizer Award

The answer varies with each estate. It really depends on a few things:
  • How large is the estate?
  • Will the heirs will be working hands on with the Organizer and, if so, how quickly can decisions be made?
  • How many heirs are there? What are the family dynamics?
  • Are there specialized collections that need specific assessments?
  • Are there items that need to be shipped?
When a loved one dies, grief and mourning make everything more difficult. After arrangements are set, what do you do with the stuff left behind? Let us make that part easier for you and provide some peace of mind.

We can help you decide what you want to keep, recommending creative and practical ways to honor your loved one’s cherished memories. With our network of charities, artists, and recycling programs, we find homes within the community for 90% of what our clients decide to let go of.

If there is a special collection or item that is valuable, we work with auction houses and on-line auction services.

Yes! We carry professional liability insurance.
We’re always happy to talk and find you the help you need. Call or text us! Or if you prefer, you can schedule a phone consultation here.
We provide expert guidance, support, encouragement, and creative problem-solving to give you the skills to maintain a clutter-free space. How quickly this happens varies with each person. It really depends on a few things: how much stuff there is, how big the space is, how quickly you make decisions, and the practice you put in to keeping it up. And, of course, what “done” looks like to you.
Nope! While we do encourage you to let go of what doesn’t work for you, if you have the space to store your items and it doesn’t hinder your life, go ahead and keep ‘em. We have many storage solutions to offer so you can access what you want to keep.
That really depends. Sometimes many hands make light work, and, at other times, there are too many cooks in the kitchen. We can talk about it and make a plan if you want to involve your family members in getting organized. As long as they are on board, we are happy to give them ways to help!
Usually, our clients prefer to work one-on-one, but sometimes the project is so big or they have a tight deadline that needs more attention. Having another organizer on the team gets the job done faster. Our teams can work together or in multiple areas, sharing the work so it goes more quickly. This is especially helpful for Estate Cleanouts and larger jobs.
Yes! We carry professional liability insurance.
Check out our Riesources page for detailed info!
We’re always happy to talk and find you the help you need. Call or text us! Or if you prefer, you can schedule a phone consultation here.
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